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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Be still and know God
           - Psalm 46:10
There is a lot more going on around us that we can’t see than that which we can. Modern physics tells us that the light visible to humans is but a fraction of the entire electromagnetic spectrum of radio, micro, infrared, ultra violet, X, and gamma rays.  And even within the narrow band of visible light there is seemingly endless possibility of perception.  Yet we seem to be predisposed to see that which we expect to see.  Could we possibly tune our lives to expect something different?
Back to the electromagnetic spectrum, even though we can’t see all of the different waves we have developed ways of detecting, measuring and using them.   We have smart phones, radios, microwave ovens, infrared and ultra violet lamps, and X-ray machines.  We touch our phones and a world of information opens up,  turn on a radio and music plays; push the button on a microwave and the frozen food thaws; flip a switch and light appears. Through our human imagination and creativity what once would have been thought to be mysteriously impossible and perhaps even sorcery is now commonplace in our lives.
What if we applied the same imagination and creativity to the Presence of God in our lives?  What if we began to see our lives as receivers and transmitters of unseen Spirit that permeates the entire universe?   And then, what if we began to tune our lives with intentional silence, stillness and attention to our immediate surroundings?  How do you think our lives and world would change?
Just like the only way to hear the music is to turn on the radio, and the only way to check your email is to log in, the only way to know God's Presence in our lives is to intentionally engage the Spirit. 
For people in the DC area, I invite you to a time of listening, stillness and attention, tonight, January 11 and on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church.   During the weeks leading up to Lent and on to Easter we will explore Gods Calling to Humanity within the Interdependence of Creation.  Each evening will include times of silent meditation and contemplative music.  Please join us.

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