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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Is there any time or place when or where God is "not?"

Two words often used to describe the nature of God are "transcendence" and "immanence."  Transcendence is used when talking about a God apart and separate from creation.  Transcendence also infers that God is not bound by time and space.  Immanence, on the other hand, describes a God intimate and connected with and in creation, and implies presence in time and space.

Perhaps neither word really describes God, but rather describes how we experience God.  Sometimes we perceive God as detached and at other times connected, all depending on our perspective or circumstances.  Modern scientific exploration and thought has led us into new understandings of time and space. It has also given us new insight into how our brains function, showing us how our own consciousness participates in this dance of transcendence and immanence.

What if God is neither transcendant or immanent, but transimmanent - intimately present beyond space and time, everywhere, all the time?  What if God simply "is" while absence and presence are left up to us?

There is a popular greeting for some church gatherings in which one persons says, "God is good."  to which the group responds, "All the time."  Then comes the solo response, "All the time." followed by "God is Good."

For today I suggest an adaptation of this greeting that is grounded in a contemporary understanding of infinite time and space.  The greeting is also as ancient as the biblical story when Moses is told God's name is "I am."   The greeting goes like this:

"God is."
"Everywhere and always."
"Everywhere and always."
"God is."


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