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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


"We had pancakes for breakfast!"  I heard this exuberant proclamation from a child's voice as I walked down the sidewalk yesterday morning.   I immediately recognized the source of the joyous news as a kindergarten aged boy standing in the front doorway of a house grinning from ear to ear while several little friends and their mom giggled with glee at his announcement.  This reminded me of last Sunday morning during the "quiet" time just before our worship service when a little girl bounded into the the sanctuary swinging one of our children activity bags while saying in a loud voice to her father who was sitting across the sanctuary, "Daddy, I got the last one!"  And then there was the time when our own daughter was in her first Christmas Pageant at church and upon her entrance spied her mother and me in the balcony and shouted while beaming, "Papa, look at me.  I'm an angel!"

Oh, if only we could all see, experience, and appreciate life with the wonder and exuberance of a child.  One thing is certain -  there would definitely be a lot more grinning, giggling, bounding, beaming, and joy in our lives and in the world.   Of course there would be tears too.  But a child's tears rarely last very long.

So, why not see, smell, hear, touch, and taste the world as a four year old today and see what joy comes into your life.

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