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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Even though most of us are focused on Halloween, the day after, the first day of November is All Saints Day on the Christian church calendar.  It is traditionally a day to remember, recognize, and honor the people who have gone before us in life and in some way left a lasting impact, large or small.

Today most people understand a saint as someone who has lived an exemplary good, compassionate, and pious life.  It is considered to be a category reserved for a few.  However, in New Testament times "saint" was used, especially by the Apostle Paul, in reference to people still alive and living their faith.  He even addresses some of his letters "to all the saints of..."

So what if in the spirit of Paul we take All Saints Day and imagine it a bit further as a day when we remember, recognize and honor the Divine Promise in each and every human being, a day when All people are Saints, and we treat one another as such.   Then imagine every day as All Saints Day.

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