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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Visitors

We decorated our Christmas tree a couple of days ago with the customary lights and ornaments.  Hanging the ornaments on the tree is always a time for us of remembering the people, places, and times  the individual ornaments represent in our lives.

There are ornaments from my childhood, some handmade by friends and family, ones given to commemorate each of our daughters' "first Christmases," several made by our daughters when they were children, and numerous elaborately jeweled ornaments made by my Aunt Clarice that were artistic expressions which began as therapy for a mental disorder.  There is the flying cardinal that is always among the first on the tree to remind us of Peg's father and how he loved Christmas.

For some of the ornaments we have forgotten their origins. Their significance lies in always being on our tree and bringing smiles to our faces.  Who knows, they may one day be memories to our daughters or others.

The Christmas Tree brings light into our home far beyond the tiny electric bulbs strung through its branches. It also lights our lives with the presence of people, places, and events who visit us this time of year bringing smiles, joy, comfort, and even sadness, all reminding us of the fullness of our lives.   Perhaps the Angel who is lastly and ceremoniously placed atop the tree reminds us that all of the ornaments are Angels in themselves.

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