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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amazing Times

When I was one year old the first all transistor radio was demonstrated at a radio fair in Germany.  By the time I was in the sixth grade pocket sized, battery operated radios were nearly as common as wrist watches.  I remember huddling around one with my friends on the school playground in 1963 listening to a Dodgers vs Yankees World Series.  Of course the teacher confiscated it as we went back into the classroom at the end of recess.

As smaller and smaller transistors and batteries were developed, Radios, along with televisions, also became smaller and smaller.  Around the same time computers were filling entire rooms.  Then came the integrated circuit or "chip" and computers began downsizing.

From that point on things seemed to happened very quickly and everything started getting small - tape player/recorders, then CD players, desktop computers, and laptop computers.  Then nearly "out of the blue" came cell phones, and close on their heels this thing called "The Internet."   Soon it was all integrated into another battery powered, pocket sized device called a "smart" phone. 

Now I sit in my living room and "blog" to people, some of whom I don't know and probably never will, anywhere in the world.  While I write I also research, or "google", facts and figures and create "hotlinks" so you can learn more about them, on your personal devices.   

We do live in amazing times!  I wonder what's next?  I hope we can find a way to explore, create, and develop without continually hurting each other and our planet.

Just a few random thoughts on a beautiful Spring morning.  


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