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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Internal Wifi

Now that warmer weather seems to have finally arrived in our area, we have "opened" the backyard for the season.  Since we'll be spending more time outside I've been trying to extend our wifi so we have a stronger signal in the backyard.  So I purchased a router extender and have gone through the connection and setup.

One of the challenges in fine tuning this extender is finding just the right spot where it receives a strong enough signal from the original router and is still positioned to boost the signal into the backyard.  This has proven to be less direct than is apparent because of corners, thick walls, and old brick chimneys.  However with enough persistence I did find a place where the little green light shines on the extender and my wireless device has a five bar signal.

All of this tuning and positioning has me thinking about the way we tune and position ourselves in relation to the circumstances of our lives.  Whether we are aware of it or not, our lives are receivers and transmitters of information, emotions, moods, attitudes, and general dispositions.

The difference between us and a wifi router is that we have the opportunity by our positioning and tuning to actually influence what we receive and transmit.   Just because someone around us is always negative and critical doesn't mean we have to emit the same.  We have the ability to adjust and filter our environment and then project it from our own perspective.  Sometimes we even have the option of physically positioning ourselves to stay away from negativity and harmful criticism.   We also have the ability to mindfully choose times, places, and relationships in our lives that create and nurture positive attitudes.

In the end, we can be either unaware of our internal wifi and simply pass on what we receive, or we can intentionally change, nurture, and as Jesus says, be "the light of the world."   Gandhi puts it this way, "Be the change we hope to see in the world."  It's all a matter of positioning and fine tuning.   That's when we experience those moments when the little green light of our lives tells us we are connected with the world around us.

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