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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks and one of the things I allowed some rest was One Eternal Presence.  I considered re-posting previous blogs just to keep the space occupied but decided instead to give you a rest as well.  I hope you've missed it.    For me, this little break has prompted me to reflect on how it all began and where it is going.

Three years ago on June 15, 2011, I posted the first entry to a blog I had created in order to reflect on and share my experiences while on a three month sabbatical.  I called the blog "One Eternal Presence" which was the guiding theme of my sabbatical.   Shortly after returning from sabbatical I began sharing at this same website weekly thoughts, reflections, and messages with members and friends of our congregation.  Others began to subscribe and soon I was emailing these weekly messages to over 180 people.  135 post later here we are.

The email delivery system I use tells me that approximately 40% of you regularly read (or at least open) the email.  I'm also told that this is a pretty good percentage for a blog. I truly appreciate each of you who regularly reads the blog, and especially those of you who offer occasional comments and insights.  I get regular feedback that my musings are meaningful to you.

So with all of this in mind, I'm making a few changes to One Eternal Presence, mostly in how and to whom it is sent.  Beginning in August I will use a different delivery system which will require each of you to actively subscribe to One Eternal Presence. Until then you will receive it as usual.  After August 1 only those who have subscribed through the new delivery system will receive it.  I'll be reminding you during June and throughout July, giving us plenty of time to migrate.  Then in August we start out with a fresh mailing list of those who have intentionally subscribed for the sole purpose of receiving One Eternal Presence.

The content of One Eternal Presence will pretty much continue to be my personal musings in conversation with ideas and wisdom from other sources, as well as your comments.

So, let's get started.  If you wish to remain on the One Eternal Presence emailing list please follow the link and complete the simple process which will include a verification email to activate your subscription.    SUBSCRIBE HERE

FYI - there is no need to unsubscribe to the present service as that will take place automatically on August 1 if you do not subscribe to the new service.   Actually unsubscribing now will prevent you from receiving it through July.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Again, thanks to each of you and I look forward to many more weeks and years of sharing with you.

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