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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blank Pages

One of the most frightening and exhilarating things to a writer is a blank page.  Sometimes it glares back at you, telling you the "idea" bank account is empty.  Other times it invites you into the abundance of imagination, potential and possibility.  Either way, the page sits empty awaiting the pen or keystroke that makes it no longer blank.  Then we're off and writing!

Each and everyday we live is also a blank page.  "What!  Is he crazy?"  I can hear you now, because I also hear myself.  "You should see my schedule today.  Empty?  Hardly!  If only I had the luxury of and day with nothing on my calendar."

This may be true, and probably is.   However, just because we have things on our schedule doesn't mean we have no control on how are present in those spaces of time during the day.  We can determine our attitude toward the people with whom we meet and the items on our agenda.  Then if we look closely at each day's schedule we also discover blank spaces between our meetings, phone calls, and emailing.   Are we compelled to fill these spaces or satisfied to leave them empty and open to imagination and possibility?

Then again, we could look at the day ahead and say, "Chuck it!  I'm going for a hike, or reading a book, or taking in a museum, or..., or...

Regardless of how we fill the day ahead, we will fill it by the choices we make.  The content of each and every day is really up to us.

So, wherever you are in your day, filled or not, look for the blank pages and know that you hold the pen or keyboard that will fill them.  Then you're off and living.

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