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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Right Now

Right now,
In the morning dark lights of cars and trucks flicker for a second as they pass the tiny portion of highway visible in the distance, red lights south, white lights north.
My love sits across the room.
The dog sleeps on the sofa.
Coffee aroma fills the air.
A manatee lumbers somewhere in the dark waters outside the window.
Someone is sleeping.
Someone is awaking.
The sun shines brightly on the other side of the earth.
A sunset inspires wonder.
A sunrise brings anticipation.
Millions upon millions make daily journeys into and out of cities.
Lovers embrace.
Lovers quarrel.
The refrigerator motor runs.
Darkness has turned to soft morning light.
Dusk has faded to black.
The air is filled with travelers, reading, drinking, eating, chatting.
Astronauts circle the globe.
The earth hurls through space.
You read these random words.
Red and white lights arrive at their destinations.
Right now becomes "then."
"When" becomes right now
flickering by,
filled with everything, everywhere.
Right now is "all" we have.
Savor it.

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