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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sacred Sunrise

Last week you didn't get your regular One Eternal Presence because my wife, Peg, and I were on vacation for a few days. We spent some time on the coast of Maine, enjoying the cool weather, eating great seafood, and hiking the wonderful craggy coastline.

For a couple of nights we stayed in a quaint, mom and pop type motel with cottages on the western shore of Penobscot Bay. The sunrises were particularly magnificent and early! - (by nearly 90 minutes before the west coast of Florida). 

Our first morning there we were not so keen on catching the 5:27 am event.  Even still our room was filled with early morning light and Peg got up and took just one photo.

A couple of hours later we received the news that our brother-in-law, John Farr, had died. Even though he was in a long struggle with cancer, his death was unexpected. Later that day we learned that the coroner had determined John's time of death as between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. -  just about the time Peg was taking the only photo of the sunrise that was taken that morning.

The Celtic Cross is an ancient symbol of Creation infused with the Divine Presence. 


  1. OH MY!! What an amazing photo and God's timing in life and even in death. Peace to you and Peg.

  2. Light and water, especially when and where they meet, have an amazing ability to deliver messages of hope, even in the midst of deep pain. I'm glad Peg heard them calling.