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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ideally Human

I would ask that you address your spiritual questions to someone more qualified to comment. Ideally a human. ~Siri

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in this blog space about the amazing times in which we live, especially how our technology makes knowledge and communication so accessible and instant. Since then I've been reminded in several ways that as wonderful as texting, email and "wiki"-information can be, human beings still need vocal, visual, and physical connection with one another.

One such reminder came yesterday morning while I was on my morning walk. While walking and thinking I often use the afore mentioned technology to listen to podcasts and music. I also regularly have "tech free" walks to fully take in my surroundings. But whatever the atmosphere, rarely does a walk go by without me having a memory or thought that I want to remember.  In comes Siri.  I hold down the start button, say, "Note", and Siri responds, "What do you want your note to say?" 

Yesterday my wires got crossed with Siri and thinking I was dictating a note about the "Presence of God," I was actually at the first step of requesting Siri's assistance. So I was surprised when Siri gave the response quoted above. 

Over the years as I've contemplated, written, and spoken about "One Eternal Presence" I've often emphasized the Presence in all of creation.  However, there is one part of creation where the Divine comes shining through like no other. There is one place where consciousness, emotion, imagination, creativity, and compassion reside. There is portion of creation that has the ability to reflect and contemplate all the rest of it. There is one presence created in the image of and thus reflects the One Eternal Presence.

Thanks, Siri, for reminding me that of all the places and ways to experience One Eternal Presence, the ideal way is in humanity and our relationships with each other.

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