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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's A Fact!

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
Aldous Huxley

An opinionated and strong willed friend is so much so that this friend often confuses their opinion with fact. We all share this propensity to various degrees. We can't help it because when it comes down to facts, we all have our own experiences and perspectives in life that form our opinions which create the reality in which we, individually not collectively, live. That's a fact. Our thoughts and opinions create our perception of reality.

There are even "facts" that we collectively agree on within cultures and communities that are based on the knowledge we have at the time.  The often used example of this is that for centuries humans perceived the earth as flat.  However, travel and exploration led to new knowledge that changed the agreed upon fact. The fact is, even during all those years of "flatearthness" the planet Earth was always a sphere.

There are verifiable facts that cannot be changed by opinion regardless of how many people hold that opinion. If two people are in a room with you but only one is perceived by your senses it does not change the fact that two people are in the room with you.

We live in times when opinions and perceptions are being presented as facts without taking time to verify what is being presented. Thoughts, opinions, and perceptions are going straight to tongues and keyboards without passing through fields of knowledge. Just because we say it, type it, or read it doesn't make it so.

Our challenge is to discern, both individually and collectively, the difference between facts and opinion. Then and we can begin to get a glimpse at Truth.  (see more about Truth here.)

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