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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

One Little Voice

Yesterday while out for my early morning walk I met a woman on a bicycle. Behind her bike was a teardrop shaped trailer, the kind designed to carry small children.  I said, "Good morning."  She replied as well, "Good morning." Then from the trailer came a small, sweet voice, "Good morning!"

For a brief moment, and even now as I recall it, that innocent, joyful "Good morning!" brings me to a place where the worries and fears of the world fade into and the interconnected, interdependence of One Eternal Presence in which we all have being. One little voice reminds me that we are One Human Family, One Planet, One Creation.

I'm also reminded that had I not spoken, that melodious voice would have remained silent and unheard. I hope that one day in the future when someone casually greets the owner of that one little voice they will recall a primal memory of kindness and connection when someone said to them, "Good morning."

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