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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Prayer of Small and Great Things

As we go about our daily lives filled with small things, great things swirl about us.

While millions of people struggle in the aftermath of devastation on the coast of Texas, wondering why, where, when, and how their lives will ever find any sense of equilibrium...

As threats and missiles fly across oceans with no regard for their consequences to the world...

When hundreds of thousands of people with dreams of meaning and purpose for their lives discover their fate is held in the hands of capricious, cowardly men who have no respect of basic human dignity and freedom...

As millions more watch seas, skies, and screens in anxiety while fight or flight hormones churn within, many flee, many stay, many have no choice.

In the midst of these great things may we go about the small things of our day - digging out, drying up, saying prayers, getting ready for the worst and hoping for the best.

Regardless of whether we are coming out, headed in, or in the middle of greater storms, may our small things be undergirded with wisdom, respect, courage, compassion, love, and hope so that the great things of our future--those things of which we have influence--will bring the same hope to the world.

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