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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Reformed and Always Being Reformed

I'm thinking about Martin Luther this morning and wondering how he may have felt five hundred years ago when he nailed his grievances against the empire on a church door. As he looked around his world,

  • Did he see power and wealth in a few people who used their privileged positions to manipulate and control the masses? 
  • Did he see persecution of people as a way of dividing, conquering, and turning fear into loyalty? 
  • Did he see truths of faith being twisted in order to portray God as the source and authority for the absurdities surrounding him? 
  • Did he have any idea what he was starting and how his courage was part of an unleashing of freedom that would change the world?
  • Did he have any idea that five hundred years later there would be the need for another list on another door, another unleashing of freedom?

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