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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


A couple of days ago here in Estes Park, Colorado as I hiked with Peg and dear friends a slight breeze led my attention to a small Aspen tree. I took a deep breath and remembered.

Eight years ago as I sat under a much larger Aspen tree in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, the sun crept over the hundred million year plus, layered walls of Kitchen Mesa. The early morning chill had begun to recede into Box Canyon, ancient home to dinosaurs. The sky was blue, and deep in the way it can be on a late Spring morning on the Colorado Plateau. A gentle breeze suddenly became stronger and with it came a sound as if a flock of birds were overhead. Looking up, I saw, not birds but leaves, thousands of them shimmering, glistening, singing, dancing. Breathing in, eternity collapsed into one moment. Breathing out, one moment became eternal.

I can’t say for sure but that moment may have been the beginning of this weekly blog. What I do know for sure is it was an epiphany that shifted my perspective and perception from one of an autonomous individual to that of a participant in and expression of a wonderfilled, mysterious, on going process of One Eternal Presence.

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