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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


God said, “This is the sign of the covenant…for all future generations…between me and the earth. When…the bow is seen in the clouds, I will remember my covenant…between me and you and every living creature…and the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.”   
            - Genesis 9:12-15

The rainbow of Genesis is a multicolored ribbon around God’s finger, a reminder to God that God is bound to all Creation for all time, and if God were to destroy Creation, God would be destroying God’s self. 
             - From “Lent – A Pilgrimage Into The Promise of God’s Covenant” 02-26-12

Today is a gift, not just because it is a day that appears on the calendar every four years, but because like all days it is filled with God’s Promise of Presence in a Rainbow Covenant that not only reminds God, but us, that just as many colors make up the wholeness of light, the Light of God is made up of the multiplicity of Creation, interconnecting and co-mingling all people and all things through One Eternal Presence.

In the gift of this day never given before
may we be open to new beginnings.
In the gift of this day of work and creativity
may our eyes be open to new ways of seeing.
In the gift of this day of play and rest
may our hearts be open to laughter and stillness.
Guide us, Great Creator,
that we may find you in one another.
Guide us, Loving Christ,
that we may give ourselves for the earth and its people.
Guide us, Spirit of New Birth,
that in the matter of our lives we may be bearers of hope.
                     - from Liturgies from Casa del Sol, Philip Newell

Several people have asked about the poem read at the close of last Sunday’s worship service at Capitol Hill Presbyterian.   Here’s a link to “For Presence” by John O’Donohue.

All are invited every Wednesday evening during Lent at 7:30 P.M. at CAPITOL HILL PRESBYTERIAN to explore God’s Calling to Humanity within the Interdependence of Creation through discussion of shared readings from Scripture and various scholars and theologians on Creation Care. Each evening will include times of silent meditation and contemplative music. For readings and resources please visit theresources page on the CHPC website.

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