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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 “Most folks tiptoe through life only to make it safely to death.”
            – Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Earl Nightingale, Tony Campolo among others.

“…and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.”
            -the Gospel of Mark 16:8

In a profound way the version of Jesus’ resurrection as told in the Gospel of Mark is a wonderful gift to us because it doesn’t give us a nice neat ending with all our questions answered and explained. 

Whether we believe this story as an actual physical coming back from the dead, or as an allegorical, metaphorical truth is up to each of us.  Regardless of our hermeneutic the story at is core is one of life and death.  If we are afraid of death then fear rules our lives.

Mark's story is an open invitation to us to examine and imagine how the story doesn’t end but rather continues; an opportunity to imagine what resurrection means in our own lives, in our place and time. 

Where has resurrection taken place in your life?   What are the possibilities for it now? 

Most of today’s message comes from my Easter sermon, “Easter-The Punch-line of the Gospel”

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