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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


"Have a wonderful day."   How many times have your heard or said this? Did you really mean it or actually hear it?

Wonder seems to be missing in much of daily life.  When did you last take time to think or speculate curiously about the world around us, to be filled with amazement and awe, or to marvel at things normally taken for granted like trees, leaves and flowers, or how the car you're driving, or train you're riding works?

There is much wonder around us and within us.   So much so that it can quickly become overwhelming to imagine the thoughts, systems, skills, emotions, imagination, and myriad processes going on about us at any moment.  Yet, to stop and immerse oneself in that moment is the beginning of not only wondering but actually feeling wonder.

Yesterday I stood on the National Mall with thousands of others and witnessed the flyover of the Space Shuttle Discovery sitting atop a Boeing 747 aircraft.  It was truly an amazing and wonderful event.  And one of the most beautiful things about it was all the people not only on the Mall, but those all around the city and surrounding area on lawns, rooftops, sidewalks and roadsides, not to mention perhaps millions watching on television, stopping for a moment in a busy day to wonder.

Like the old movie title says, it really is "A Wonderful Life."   Take a few minutes today to stop and wonder about something.  When you do, I would love to hear about it. 

I hope you really do have a wonderful day!

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