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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lip Syncing Life

Some of us remember when the music media of the day was a cassette tape.  In those days there was a television commercial that asked the question, "Is it real or is it Memorex?"

Well, we're asking the question again.  Of all the truly important things said and done during the President's  Inauguration this week, the big question is: Did Beyonce lip sync or not?  My latest understanding of the situation, which could change at any moment, is that she did both.  It appears that she actually sang along with a recording of her voice and the Marine Band accompaniment made for the occasion.

All of this has me thinking - how much of our lives is lip-synced and played out according to a script or sound tract to which we are merely mouthing and going along?  And, if we are lip-syncing life, whose recording are we using?

In many ways we live the life we imagine.  Our thoughts create feelings and actions which in turn shape the world in which we live.  It might even be said that we pre-record our lives by the thoughts we choose to keep in our minds.  Whatever we are thinking, feeling, and acting on today becomes the sound tract for tomorrow.  Could we be continually pre-recording our own sound tracts?

After all, whether it was "real or Memorex" it was still Beyonce and the Marine Band we heard - and it was wonderful.

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