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Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's All Relative

I'm a day later posting One Eternal Presence this week because my usual posting day was a travel day.   When Peg and I left DC early Wednesday morning the temperature was 8 degrees with wind chill near -10 and 5 inches of snow on the ground.  Brrrrr!   When our plane touched down in Miami it was clear, breezy and 62 degrees.

One of the first things we noticed as we started down Hwy. 1 toward Key West with car windows open was that some people on the sidewalks were nearly as bundled up as folks had been back in DC.  

Once in Key West we had supper at Harpoon Harry's  a blue plate type diner where a lot of locals eat.  By that time the temp was in the 50's.   Bits of conversations overheard as people came and went seemed as if they could have been at Pete's Diner or The Tune Inn on Capitol Hill in DC.

"Cold enough for you?"  

"Better stay bundled up out there!"

"Had to get out my winter coat."

"Finally got to wear that floppy wool cap."

"Stay warm!"

O, well, it just goes to show,  "Paradise for one is purgatory for another!"

Stay warm out there - wherever you are :-)

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