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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Packed Away

A common sight on sidewalks and curbs these days are disposed Christmas Trees.  We "undecorated" our tree last night and it will soon be on the curb and join the ranks awaiting the chipper.  We also packed away other decorations throughout the house. As my wife was putting away the nativity figures that adorned our den mantle she said, "It always makes me sad to pack away Baby Jesus."

News sources reported earlier this week that the first Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year.  Some of the reasons given were: the Holidays are over, it's the first day back to work for many, and resolutions have already been broken or become unrealistic.  Ironically, this year that day just happened to be January 6 the observance of Epiphany which is the traditional end to the Christmas season.

However, Epiphany is really about beginnings.  Epiphany is the awareness of the Presence of God in our lives and throughout Creation.  In a way Epiphany is the ultimate New Year Resolution because along with the awareness of the Divine permeating all things comes the potential, possibility, and foundation of new ways of experiencing and being.  

Undecorating, disposing, and packing away the vestiges and symbols of Christmas actually gives us reason to pause and consider their real meaning - the Presence of God in our lives.   Baby Jesus may be packed away until next year, but the Eternal Presence of God still shines as a guiding star in our lives.  

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