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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Coming Apart At The Seams

Sometimes, like right now, I feel like a scratched record or a defective replay key that keeps playing the same tune over and over. Maybe it's because I am stuck right now. Maybe it's because everyday another stitch pops in a seam of my perceived reality. The world as I, and perhaps you, know it seems to be coming apart at its seams. 

So today, my inner record needle hits a scratch and jumps back. My replay key is shorted out, prompting me to search my own thoughts and words to rekindle some hope. 

What I find are, not one, but two previous blogs titled "Going to Seed." (links below) So you see, it's not the first, or last, time this old song gets repeated. I have a tendency to do that - repeat myself. 

To use another metaphor for the same dynamic, remnants from torn or burst seams can become beautiful, functional quilts and imaginative fabric mosaics.

Going To Seed #1

Going To Seed #2

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