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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

From Pentecost to Trinity and Back

In the Christian tradition it is midweek between Pentecost and Trinity Sundays, which to many people is either hocus-pocus of magical thinking or ho hum of religion as usual. Perhaps it is both, a movement from one to the other.

In the liturgical calendar it takes only a week to move from freedom and possibility to confinement and certitude, from spiritual potential to doctrinal dogma, from Holy Spirit to Holy Trinity, from who we can be to what we should believe. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - nailed down once and for all.

The actual journey from Spirit to Trinity, took about three hundred years. The Empire first feared and persecuted, then tolerated and tamed, and finally domesticated, dominated and captured the Wind, Fire, and Tongues in cages of imperial religion.

But the Spirit won't give up. It finds the loop holes in doctrine, dogma, and institution. The Spirit seeks out places of possibility and potential to create and re-create in our time, our place, our imagination.

Some say the Wind of Freedom is blowing again. The Fire of Freedom is burning once more. Tongues of Truth are again shouting in streets.

Perhaps what was once nailed down is being resurrected.


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