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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Push? or Pull?

Last week we took a few days of rest and recreation in Key West, FL the classically funky town where one motto is "Key West - where weird goes pro," and every other car or bike displays a sticker proclaiming "One Human Family." It is truly a unique place in various ways.

The inn where we stayed was typical Key West - an arrangement of two story frame structures that were probably all single homes once, but were now sub-divided into rooms and connected by decks, walkways, and common lounging areas. It was located on a short, narrow cross-street in the old town area with a European village feel. Upon arrival we pulled on the street entrance gate to no avail. It had an electronic lock that our room key would eventually open "after 10 pm" - the sign said. But it was mid-day so we called the number on the sign.

While waiting on the phone (and pulling on the gate a few more times) a woman's voice shouted out from behind us, "It's open!" On the other side of the street was an open second story window with two arms on the sill and no face visible. "It's open. Push it open! Push hard!" Then the two arms closed the window. 

How many times in our lives do we pull when we need to be pushing, or push when we should be pulling? How many times do we assume a door of opportunity is locked when in fact it simply needs to be opened in a specific way?  Maybe the key is a kind word or a smile, or encouragement instead of reprimand. Perhaps anger, expressed healthily, is the ticket. Sometimes we do hear a voice of a friend, or our own inner voice. But do we listen?  Or we can keep pushing or pulling to no avail except to increase our frustration.   

Sure enough, we pushed the gate. It opened. We looked at each other, laughed and said, "We must be in Key West."

Weird? You bet! One member of the human family helping out others? Absolutely!

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