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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Parable For Our Time

Two days ago while on my early morning walk I came upon an amazing event. As I approached a street intersection I saw and heard on the perpendicular street ahead a group of small birds flying in a straight path as if on a mission. Right behind them were two large crows. At first I thought the crows were chasing the birds, but then realized the smaller birds appeared to be leading them somewhere.

When I turned the corner, I heard what sounded like hundreds of birds chirping frantically, some were perched on utility lines, most were unseen in the trees. The crows then led my eyes to the source of all of this commotion. They were diving at an enormous hawk that was sitting stoically atop a utility pole. A predator was in the neighborhood.

At least four crows that took turns, two at a time, diving down at the hawk. Occasionally one flew away as another took its place. The chorus of alarm from the other birds continued. Some even joined in the diving process. The hawk appeared annoyed but not threatened.

After watching for a few minutes, I walked on, but about fifty yards down the sidewalk I turned back to watch again. The hawk was gone and nowhere to be seen. One crow circled the area. The cacophony of fear subsided into the beauty of normal morning birdsong. 

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