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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Pic and A Prayer for A New Year

On this second day of a new year I offer you a photo and a prayer. The grainy photo is from this morning's pre-dawn sky, capturing Venus, the Moon, and Jupiter among clouds and palm fronds. (Mercury is somewhere behind the clouds below Jupiter )

Prayer for a New Year

God of time and space, 
known by many names 
sought through many traditions, 
as a new year begins we are reminded  
of the Eternal Presence. 
Beyond this moment and this place 
Spirit bonds all creation 
in a tapestry of interdependence, 
transcending vested interests and personal privilege.

Standing on the threshold of a new year 
may we forgive the discord, mistrust
and disappointment of our past, 
as we are forgiven, 
may we receive a grace-filled future 
of promise and potential that awaits 
nothing more or less than 
our open minds, our loving hearts, and our open arms
stretched out to one another and thus to God.

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