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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Down For Maintenance

"Be still..."  ~ Psalm 46:10.25

Most of us have experienced something I did this morning.  You're clicking through emails and links on your computer and come across an intriguing article or photo only to get the message "down for maintenance." Of course my first reaction is to go back and click again to make sure it was the correct link only to get the same results - "down for maintenance."

We live in a fast paced world of demands, deadlines, desires, and instant gratification. Through texts, instant messages, instagrams, voice mail, snap-chat, and the like, all done from "personal" devices, we find ourselves in a never-ending need for connection and stimulation. Then we wonder why so many seemingly comfortable people seem to be agitated, angry, depressed, and violent.

Perhaps we can learn something about our lives from websites that are occasionally "down for maintenance," clearing out the cobwebs, updating systems, deleting irrelevant material, and even coming up with a new look. Sometimes it doesn't take much, perhaps just a few minutes or hours of turning off devices, dis-connecting, and clearing our own cobwebs.

I've discovered that when I do take some down time, I find a deeper, more real connection with the world around me that transcends technology. I begin to notice things like leaves dancing in a breeze, or puffy white clouds in a blue sky, paintings that have become invisible on familiar walls, and people dear to me taken for granted. Then when I go back "on line" it is with a renewed, refreshed perspective.

By the way the link that started the whole blog is one called "Life reimagined."  :)


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  1. Much truth here. I have to ask, was the phrase "deleting irreverent material" intentional, or an autocorrect moment? 😎